About WxAdvisory

WxAdvisory is a weather data framework which can take weather data from a variety of sources, apply customised formulas and transformations, and then supply it to users via a friendly user interface, or integrated directly into your website.

Users can be individuals who want to know about a specific time and place, or businesses who want to advise their customers of weather events or to gather intelligence for business operations.

WxAdvisory can provide weather data directly into existing communication channels, such as Twitter, Facebook, email and SMS.
If you're a business, you can provide weather notifications to your users with minimal impact on their daily activities.

How to use this service

WxAdvisory provides readable, detailed and accurate weather forecasts for anywhere in the world, through an innovative question-based interface.

7-day forecasts with detailed hourly descriptions are available for any location in the world. Locations can include cities, towns, landmarks and even specific street addresses.

More information about locations in the FAQ

Your current location is automatically detected. By using the search box at the bottom of the page, you can get a forecast for anywhere in the world.

Touch (or click) the day summary to get a detailed hourly description for that day.

Ask it a question

You can ask a direct question about whatever particular weather event you have in mind. Instead of typing in a location, try asking if it will rain tomorrow, or how hot it will be at 3pm?

More information about questions in the FAQ

No account necessary

You do not need to create an account to use WxAdvisory. You can bookmark your favourite locations or questions just by clicking on the green ribbon in the top right corner of any forecast, and it will automatically appear on the homepage the next time you visit.

You can also create alerts via Twitter. Tweet your question or location to @WxAdvisory and you'll get an answer within a few minutes. Include the hashtag #alert and you'll be notified every day.

Please see the Twitter page for a complete description of how this works.


If you have a creative mind and want to include weather data in your projects, you can access all the forecast information in XML format.

Click here for the developer API page.


Businesses can get customised versions of WxAdvisory created. Your very own version can include custom formulas and alerts for yourself and your customers.

Example portals:

Your location

WxAdvisory can automatically detect and use your location for forecasts.

If you're using a mobile device, it will use your actual lat/lon coordinates, and if you're using a desktop browser then it will use your IP address.

If you want this default location to be different, or it's wrong, then you can set a preferred location - just type in where you want the forecast to be for.

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Your location is automatically detected

Saving your preferred location...

Default temperature

WxAdvisory can automatically use the local temperature unit for the location you're interested in.

American locations will automatically default to Fahrenheit, while the rest of the world will use Celsius.

If you want to always use Fahrenheit or Celsius, regardless of the location, you can set your preference here.

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Automatically detect
Always use Fahrenheit
Always use Celsius